The Pomodoro technique

The Pomodoro technique is a learning technique that was made in the early 1980´s. The technique was designed to stop procrastination and to make students or workers be more efficient with whatever they were doing.

This is the way you use the Pomodoro technique, step by step:

  1. Turn of all notifications and other distractions that prevent you from working efficiently.
  2. Set a timer to 25 minutes. You can use your phone but be sure to not picking it up in the middle of your working session.
  3. When you have worked concentrated for 25 minutes, the timer will go off and you are free to relax for about 5 minutes, use your time wisely. Take a breath of fresh air, a snack or simply scroll through what you missed while working, but be careful not to take a too long of a break either.
  4. Repeat the process for a certain amount of time that you have/think is necessary.

I have used the Pomodoro Technique for a time now myself, and I can say for a fact that it has helped me with focusing on the subjects that I am working on. I was not aware that it was called the Pomodoro technique, but now I know that as well. I have mostly used the technique to prepare for math exams but I will probably use it more frequently in the future.

Hurricanes and Trump´s lies surrounding them.

Climate change is causing ever larger and ever deadlier hurricanes and cyclones, and the areas around the Carribbean sea are especially at risk, as well as the east coast of the U.SA. With the recently occurring Hurricane Florence and the Hurricane in Puerto Rico only last year.

It is quite disturbing, the way the U.S government manipulates the death tolls to seem less dramatic, and they try their best to hide the numbers altogether. For example, if the death toll is 1,100 they would say “several hundred” instead of “more than one thousand”. Another example of this would be if the death toll was 24 they could say that the Hurricane had only claimed a few lives. The truth is, that the Emergency Services are not able enough, to handle hurricanes, and they are unable to help everyone who depends on help from the authorities. During the hurricane in Puerto Rico last year the death toll was 2 975, even though the Puerto Rican government first claimed that the death toll was 64.

President Donald Trump claimed that the U.S Emergency Services did a “fantastic” job, handling the hurricane on Twitter. This is despite the fact that there were nearly 3000 deaths. He also said they did a much better job than during hurricane Katrina in 2005, which had a death toll of 1,200, a lot less than the last hurricane in Puerto Rico.

In conclusion, it is clear that they are trying to cover up the mistakes and limitations of the emergency services, which could be a real problem if a truly massive hurricane hits the unprepared emergency services.

Arguments english class 10. 9.

The first conversation was about Donald Trump. My counterpart said she thought that Donald Trump could do good things for the average person. I said he couln´t because he was born into wealth and was an egotistic person. There was no real winner of the conversation because we agreed to disagree.


I have learned a lot of tips for having better conversations. A long list of what I learned: Attention, do not multitask, do not pontificate, use open ended questions, go with the flow, if you do not know, say you do not know, do not equate your experience with theirs, try not to repeat yourself, stay out of the weeds, listen and to be brief. I think this was a pretty valuable lesson, not only can we be polite and  to be more interesting during conversations or interviews, but we can also learn a lot more.