Spare Parts: My review

The movie is based on reality, but there were some parts that were made up for the story to add some dramatic effect. For example, the fights that happened in the movie where Luis had to save Christian from bullies were never documented. Other fun parts of the movie really happened, for example, when Lorenzo asked the teachers to go to Hooters if they won. The substitute teacher from the movie, Fredi Cameron, was actually a combination of two different teachers: Fredi Lajvardi and Allan Cameron.

There was a huge difference in the number of resources each team had. MIT and Stanford had 18000 and 12000, while Carl Hayden Community High School only had under 800 dollars. This was something that really impressed me.  They even used pool noodles for the robot. The students from top universities had an advantage and the High School students were the underdogs, but they managed to prevail. The theme throughout the movie is immigration, the American dream and overcoming odds. How little resources the team from Carl Hayden High School had is what makes it a true success story.

Robots can be used for much more than University competitions. With modern technology, robots are capable of doing some advanced processes that humans could only dream of being able to do. For example, AI was used at a Chinese hospital in Beijing. Doctors said the patients that were trapped in comas were a lost cause, but AI didn´t “think” so. The AI is capable of giving a score of how likely the patient is to recover. Although this is amazing, the robot has made some mistakes while giving people their score.

It is an exciting field, and the hunger and drive of the students portrayed in the movie are captured really well. I believe this was what lead the team to win the competition despite strong opponents and many difficulties.



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