Good Citizens 12. 11. 2018.

Colin Kaepernick:

I choose to write about the football players who are refusing to stand and sing the national anthem. This is significant because these men are so brave. The fact that they are standing up for what they believe in, even though many politicians in the US are standing against them. Donald J. Trump came out to the public for only a few weeks ago, and he told us that this is wrong and respectless. And numerous of his supporters have joined him, and they have frizzed these football players out. But are these football players standing for freedom, liberty, and justice for all?

Since the action started in 2016, by Colin Kaepernick, few have followed him. And multiple of other professional high school competitors and acknowledged athletes in other many sports have refused to stand for the national anthem. And I think they are doing a great job! We need to split out of the majority, and we need to fight for what we believe. These protests have given the minority a voice. Not only in the US but all over the world. This is absolutely terrific!

Leonardo DiCaprio:

Leonardo DiCaprio is an outstanding citizen because he uses his fame to spread awareness of climate change. He has spoken to President Obama in the past about climate change and has gone to the UN many times to speak to world leaders about climate change. He could’ve kept himself out of politics like many other celebrities, but he chose to raise awareness of it, that is showing of great courage and character. Leonardo DiCaprio also has his own foundation, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation or LDF for short. The foundation is focused on battling climate change and helping the environment. Did I mention that he funded the documentary from 2016, “Before The Flood”? LDF was founded in 1998, it has funded over 200 projects and has gotten over 100 million in grants. You can be assured that he is doing his fair share in terms of fighting climate change and helping the environment, he has come forward as an example and is a role model for many.

Edward Snowden:

Edward Snowden got international recognition after being known as a “whistleblower”. He worked for the NSA when he leaked information United States Intelligence Program to the Washington Post and The Guardian. Some people see him as a traitor, others see him as a hero, but all he ever did was, to tell the truth to the world, the United States government is certainly not happy about what he did. He will get a strong punishment if he were to be extradited to the USA. According to the Washington Times Snowden said October 19. that “As for the future in Russia and what will happen there, I can’t say I’m safe. I don’t know”. It is uncertain whether he will continue to live in Russia.

Standing Rock, Noth Dakota:

In Autumn of 2016, many native Americans started to protest against the building of the “Dakota Access Pipeline”. The native Americans felt that the company building the pipeline, were destroying their sacred burial grounds and that the pipeline threatened their access to clean water. The pipeline ended up being built and was finished in 2017. It is able to transfer oil from North Dakota to Illinois. The pipeline spans across 4 states. The pipeline ended up costing 3,78 billion dollars and it is owned by Dakota Access LLC and Philips 66. Trump was a big supporter of the pipeline and if it weren´t for government-issued permits, the pipeline wouldn´t be built.

The situation in South Africa

Since 2014 a few things have happened in South Africa. Millions have protested and they have stood up against the regime. The South African country is having a great time. The economy is more stable than ever before. The goods are served to the population as well. Several citizens have voted for Cyril Ramaphosa as a president. Freedom, liberty, and justice for all are all important factors for a great society. And South Africa is moving in the right direction.


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