Is It Brave To Suffer In Silence?

I consider it brave when someone speaks out about their suffering, in order to make a change, rather than suffering in silence. It takes courage to openly talk to others about your suffering because they may perhaps see you as vulnerable. Generally, it takes a lot of motivation and tolerance to pull through in a period of suffering or hardship, however, I do not think suffering in silence is sustainable. If you can´t end your suffering any other way, you should speak up, because that gives other people a chance to solve the issue.


The style used in his short story A Day´s Wait is very typical to Ernest Hemingway. Hemingway uses really simple dialogue in his stories. He is known for writing easy, simple and direct sentences and paragraphs, and no extravagant adjectives. He recommended young writers to write a mixture of fact and fiction. In Hemingway´s own style, you start with writing a simple, bare minimum sketch, and from there you start adding details. Almost like painting on a canvas.


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